Aequus 7.o

Solar boat

Aequus 7.o is a 7 metre family day boat, electrically propelled offering an attractive alternative to the constraints of a yacht (preparation, wind conditions, crew availability, etc.) and those of motor-boating (noise, pollution, fuel consumption, etc.). She is equally appealing as an introduction to boating or a serene conversion for those who have already enjoyed the pleasures of sailing. Aequus 7.0 is a transportable boat behind a passenger vehicle with a simple driver's license, and may be in and out of the water independently.


Aequus 7.o answers the needs of pleasure boat users without the constraint of a permit (depending on national regulations).

She can board a crew of up to 7 persons on a reposeful trip at sea, on a lake or a river with family and friends.

Aequus 7.o offers all comfort a modern day-boat needs.

Starting with an external kitchen, running water, a double berth, WC, shower...


With Aequus 7.o, you will sail silently at a maximum speed of 7 knots (13 km/h). When you sail, the engine draws its energy from the solar panels and from the batteries if necessary. When the engine is not in use, the solar panels recharge the batteries. The Aequus 7.o benefits from its highly efficient propulsion system as well as from FINOT-CONQ's energy efficient design.

The Aequus 7.o has an autonomy of up to 8 hours without solar input (depending upon the choice of batteries). This is amply sufficient for a relaxing day on the sea. If necessary, a rapid charge can be made alongside the quay.


Aequus 7.o offers an attractive alternative to the constraints of sailboats and those of traditional motor-boating. You do not depend on wind conditions nor the availability of a crew. Noise, pollution, fuel consumption, oil changes or even engine check ups are non of your concerns anymore.

Aequus 7.o was specially designed to be user friendly. The engine is entirely maintenance free. The boat fits easily on a trailor and can be towed by a normal saloon car without a special licence. Launching the boat into the water from the trailor is also easily done.

Aequus 7.0 is a finot-conq architectes design.